Bad Bid

by Bad Bid

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Bad Bid are:

Chris Kritikeau - vocals / guitar
George Ellinas - bass / backing vox
Nikos Tsamasiros - drums on these recordings and generally up to 2011 / current sound & video guy
Vaggelis Pournaras - violin
George Zafeiropoulos - saxophone / backing shouts
Stella Fin - violin / backing vox
Costas Papathanasopoulos - current drummer
Alex Sak - trumpet / backing shouts
And honorary member Dimitris Athanasopoulos on glockenspiel / melodica / backing vox


released January 5, 2013

All Songs written by Bad Bid - Lyrics written by Christos Georgios Kritikos
Produced by Alex Bolpasis and Bad Bid - Recorded and mixed by Alex Bolpasis @ Artracks Studios
Mastered by George Priniotakis



all rights reserved


Bad Bid Athens, Greece

Bad Bid are:

Gennadios Arvanitis on violin/backing shouts_
Christos G. Kritikos on guitar/vocals_
Nick Neofytos on bass/vocals_
Costas Papathanasopoulos on the drums_
Alex Sak on the trumpet/backing shouts_
Marios Vittis on the trumpet/backing shouts_
George Zafeiropoulos on the sax/backing shouts
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Track Name: Big Words
And if this won't move you better leave the door open
cuz there won't be a point in holding anything in anymore...

I never chose to be anything I'd later find excuses for
Never thought that the price of always speaking my
mind would be an open door
to anyone wanting to prove you wrong,
counting the times that you've got no control
on those bursting words of self-limitations,
dreams you can't catch, damn those big words...

Well I've always been running with ideas half chewed,
in the mouth of child always feeling excused...

Proud to be wrong
if convincing you takes so long.
Won't play along
full of spite to the tip of my tongue.
Ain't nothing more
than a self-indulgent effort
to be something more
in a morally excused world

In times like these when walls materialistic (and actual) anesthetics
keep you from commiserating with the sufferers next door,
I feel obliged to break some private pink bubbles
with moral critiques I'm not sure I can uphold...

Still I feel left behind with ideas half chewed,
in the mouth of a child always feeling excused...

Proud to be wrong
if convincing you takes so long
Won't play along
full of spite to the tip of my tongue
Yet this feels more
than a self-indulgent effort
just trying to see more
in a morally excused world
Track Name: Mr. Burnitall
Got me a broken ideal
and I don't know what to stand for
in this world full of opinions and their minions
and the other ones who think
that I'm trying to be part of something

Part of a thinking group like you,
like them, like us, part of the mass
in a massive intermission
between thinking and creation,
not to mention the effect of
pop-corn models on our minds
and the price tags we put on our creative time
And it's obscure, but it's the way you had it coming
when you said "I won't be compromised"
yet had a family, with a couple of mouths to feed
you forget about your need
to be out of the machine
that's already killed your dream

You play expressionless four chords
of their choice to match the voice
of a pin-up whore that could never ask for more
What about you Mr.Burnitall?

Now you'll just say:
"As years pass such a fir cannot last!"
Well I don't know, I've been planning my road
to a non-conformist, pointless way of living
Hit me with the fact that I'm spending money
that my dad made out of nothing
and I know we could have less,
while others more in need lived decently

And so... the question remains.
Still I don't approve of choices that he made for us
but I cannot help acknowledging a single fact:
that he gave me time to learn to think for myself
and i admire that he made it fair and square,
as far as he could tell. And I am scared as hell
of making a mockery out of every song I tell.
It's a simple procedure, everybody
Track Name: Not What Dad Did
Bright side of things
is even harder to see
today than any day
Who could use any optimism?
See, the Wheel just stopped
when we got so numerous
that its best for you to just adapt to a situation that abstract
Cuz they sure could use some weight reliefs
and it's clinically insane
to be moving on unsteady wheels

In 50 years the Wheel
had moved just about a quarter
enough to put some men on top
while where there should be six o'clock
what was left were the graves
to put some sense to the populace
That sense ceased the movement of the Wheel,
they set the bait but you made the deal
And it's been like that ever since
and the sound of decay will reach the top as a major B

We elect and back down,
we ourselves are incompetent...
Represent us but your party comes first
They can give you more,
they can ease your thirst,
for security but you never forget that
you're not 12 o'clock cuz you'd
never give the order for the death of a million
That's somebody else' s job...

That's somebody else' s job,
eat the weak to prey on most
To think that they control our world
and share their power with their whores

And so the burden stays with those
around the 2 to 5 and 7 to 10
no matter what their parents chose
their way of life will show if our world's at its end
And I'm not talking about a war
against the 12 o'clock to take their place
"Revolution" is just a phase
before decay of power knocks your door
Cuz in the end we all just stand and listen
trying not to forget we want our clocks in synch
Let's hope that we won't grow to forget about the rest
Track Name: What about Me?
Sudden failure indicates I’ve had it easy
Here I go again and blame my parents
Don’t push, I’ll even blame you cuz
you didn’t warn me nicely
Maybe biting hands instead of served food
gives some thrill but not good (enough)
Enough I said but couldn’t stand alone
I’m spoiled and busy enough realizing…
That I should be long gone
If I was that strong I wouldn't be here at all,
wouldn't need this song to answer where I'm from
...gone. If I was that strong I wouldn't be here at all,
with a chorus left for you to sing along.

Fastest rat yet I can't see the point in winning
stress is running high and my brain is running dry
and all this cuz I had the way paved
and parents there to push me

Yet I should be long gone
If I was that strong I wouldn't be here at all,
wouldn't need this song to answer where I'm from
...gone. If I was that strong I wouldn't be here at all,
with a chorus left for you to sing along

So we'll sing along this chorus,
to remind you of the sorrows
that we'll never live
Try to drive us away cuz you know that
the day you will come with our sins on display
we'll be gone
Track Name: Simple Toss
Again you ask me for sing-along vocals
Again you ask to contain myself
Would you look at that, I'm singing in the quarters
It looks like I'm beginning to play it safe

It's not like I don't care about the audience
We sing along we don't like to feel alone
It's not like I don't want them to relate
Proved this before in another frantic song
It's just agreeing to disagree about music
Agreeing that has something to do with me

I'll put this simple chords in line for your sake
It's your choice don't deny it
I'll put my word on those for you to take
You're doing great tell us is your fame at stake
Can't say it feels as good as I expected
Agreeing that has something to do with me

With this song stuck in mind you'll see your loss
you can't dodge on a simple toss
you think you've got a choice
With this song stuck in mind you'll see your loss
you can't dodge on a simple toss
There's a line you shouldn't cross

No one can blame a kid
raised on a steady diet of MTV
No one can say that "simple" shouldn't be
on music based on punk-rock energy
Just saying I can't stand the repetition
Masses accepting easy and carefree,
and only. Mass production needs money


With this song stuck in mind you'll see your loss
and I won't sing this part
with a lower and calmer voice
to remind you of the lyrics
of my last "breakout refrain"
cuz there won't be one. (No there won't be one)
Just to show you
We Don't Care
Track Name: A Million Handshakes
No way, I don't think I will use my head today;
I'll rewind what comes to mind, say what I'd normally say
Greet the average with compliments,
eye contacts become rare
My opinion is irrelevant, what matters is that "I care"
But they wouldn't understand
even if I pointed out their worst
And they'd be way out of league, if I stood that close
So I'll just send my bright-eyed corpse...

A million handshakes will escort your everyday defying
Quit making noise you had a choice,
yet you're too old to stop denying that
a million handshakes will escort
your everyday defying, yet your pride is dying
Tried to stop before, came back for more

Because people turn their backs and started talking
Being left out, it sure felt kind of shocking
And so again you tap their backs,
you break the ice and camouflage,
a grin that speaks your mind if them,
a grin that says "You're mine again!"
A grin that only friends would understand,
that contains none of them

So keep talking, keep taking all they can give

But when alone again you're empty still
and all you've taken cannot fill
the void those pointless conversations left you with
You find yourself wishing there was
one to remember you for what you really are


Bring them on!
And I'll find the courage to ignore
Bring them on!
And I'll speak my mind although
I'll probably miss the smile of the stranger
whose eyes color I couldn't remember

A million handshakes could have escorted
your everyday defying, yet your hands are untied
Separated those you should oppose
Track Name: Intend To Offend
Seems like I'm trying to get everything out
when in reality I'm trying to find more inside
than a lack of attention I shouldn't mention
cuz this stage would look kind of suspicious
Would it?

Just try to ignore everything I just said
applaud like before despite what I meant

Cuz you're part of a scene now you feel whole again,
don't bother to think how the message I sent
and the irony created ridicules the content of your head...

But still I notice a dozen pairs of clapping hands
You think you've "got" this song
and what it stands for
I bet you think you're different from the rest
I do not intend to offend
I'm just making a suggestion...

Best for you forget about this song,
keep on thinking and it won't be long
before you get it wrong again,
to think that you belong somewhere
the irony continues to be common wealth

Sad thing is you've done it all before (And I know)
that you didn;t pretend
you believed you were friends (What I saw)
but the only common ground was music
and the rest was superficial unity
for common style's sake

You wouldn't play it safe, you had to get away
from this game of "find the differences"
while hating all the witnesses
You let them down, left their heads underground
Still you got away believing you were the winner if the round...

But still you search the world
for the truest "rebel yell"
Think you got some allies but it's yourself you sell
By now you probably think we're a bunch of sellouts
If my point was to offend I'd be taking to myself too...

Check the source of your recruiting needs
just in case it's overwhelming ease
What color matches fame?
Forget about your game

To leave them all behind
you simply draw the line
It's gonna take some rules
but they're for you to choose.
As I thought

If it's true for you,
you don't need a pack of copies to believe it too
Unlike you they won't gladly leave their
place in the queue for a sustainable,
yet so common success in adulthood
You try to recognize beliefs that vanished
because of the stress of time
And though it's not the same for you,
you consider yourself stupid
for looking at clouds the way you do
Though that's what kids should do!

We spend our whole existences
reforming ourselves
Who knows in the end
we might belong somewhere,no?
"we'll fight for our values" we shouted out loud,
tried to separate us from the crowd
but reality stroke and we had to hit the ground
Track Name: Walls
-Are you sure you just did what you wanted?
-(I) thought I told you to stay out of this.
-A talk won't take long---
-...long enough for me to force myself out of judging edges

-It's true that i find it so hard to express an opinion
without playing a part to impress my own self
that could never believe in one thing
without judging the reason of the choice that I lean on and so...

So I stick to the plan...

-If you know that you get all excited you must know
that your words lose their credit. The audience won't
buy it and it's not like they'll get it
But at last if they listened I wouldn't seem so jaded
-and so...

So I stick to the plan...

-Counterpoints float and dissolve when they cannot be heard
Gathered around you they were but you couldn't find the words
Wish my way didn't count...

-What bothers you if the world isn't turning
the way you had imagined
-It's burning inside ever since I began to think through my own actions
But why should you care?

It's a violent world full of scams and ironic turnouts
Makes you feel you must be one of them
to get out in one piece or at least feel their bliss
just to hate them once more once you walk out their door

-And you know he will walk out that door;
like it or not.

It's true I still find it grotesque to impress an audience
that gives credit to me just for singing in key
And i push music hard on herself
It's my thoughts that I'm serving and it can't be on a dish.
And I burst with emotions through a voice and
I wish that can move someone else..
Track Name: Chemical Sunsets
Words that went astray
written on a wall
supposing nothing's wrong
would looking back and smile take so long?

You had to walk away (nothing to you)
the others got it wrong (seems that nothing)
is progressing anymore (except for roads)
and numbers on the doors, increasing, keep score

It's nothing more than tracking
everything that's not significant
Yet significant to you


The wall now bears a shade
The meanings search a role
Another chemical sunset
is lending colors to the floor,
lengthening shadows into hopes
and hopes to even more